“Stunningly entertaining… this epic story of power struggle—and for the highest of stakes: the future of humanity…a gripping narrative”

“Epic in scale, meticulous in detail, and grounded with the author’s profound insight into the human psyche, this trilogy is a dream come true for all sci-fi and fantasy fans.”

“…an epic and enthralling future Earth trilogy packed with peril and pathos that keeps one foot firmly in the real world as it dives deep into the human condition… you’ll be screaming for the conclusion.”

“A visionary work and instant classic, the Dream Murderer Cycle has it all: complex, competing characters woven within an epic narrative, set within a living, breathing world…all fighting for the highest of stakes.”

“Author Paul Taffinder fuses artistic vision with intellectual keenness to deliver a stand-out epic work.”

Readers' Reviews

"Epic fantasy sweeping across an incredible world, conceived in a way that few authors can achieve: believable, strange, bloody and thrilling. Taffinder has fashioned a new lodestone for gritty fantasy."

Max Collins

"Kiangsu Realm is a vast empire peopled by ambitious nobles, shadowy assassins, exarchs of the Faith and the last of the Immortals. Rare is the trilogy that drops you straight into a world with its own vivid history, soaring landscapes and astonishing characters. This is that rare trilogy."

Jonathan Davies-King

"Engrossing, superlative fantasy...or is it a vision of our future in a frightening and original incarnation of a lost past and new epochs in the making?"

Lina Singh

"Impressive debut. A new masterwork fantasy trilogy has muscled in -- murderous, sexy, blood-soaked, psychological and fully-realized."

Alexander Mann