"Epic fantasy sweeping across an incredible world, conceived in a way that few authors can achieve: believable, strange, bloody and thrilling. Taffinder has fashioned a new lodestone for gritty fantasy."

Max Collins

"Kiangsu Realm is a vast empire peopled by ambitious nobles, shadowy assassins, exarchs of the Faith and the last of the Immortals. Rare is the trilogy that drops you straight into a world with its own vivid history, soaring landscapes and astonishing characters. This is that rare trilogy."

Jonathan Davies-King

"Engrossing, superlative fantasy...or is it a vision of our future in a frightening and original incarnation of a lost past and new epochs in the making?"

Lina Singh

"Impressive debut. A new masterwork fantasy trilogy has muscled in -- murderous, sexy, blood-soaked, psychological and fully-realized."

Alexander Mann