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"This was Echrexar’s place, the bleeding wound of one of his dogs. Not that you would know. The melt-rock and shale glass shocked into instantaneous existence by that titanic blow were mostly cloaked now by the swamplands, except here, high on the rubble of the southern crags. But it felt to Skava like entering a vast sepulchre, a monument of menace and brooding malevolence. The crucible of her fear cracked open as if some bane worked misfortune on her. It seemed to have its own voice, a little girl’s voice, squealing at her to turn around, to find another route, to avoid the calamity of this cursed scar on the landscape."

Extract from Murderer of Dreams

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Get ready to step into an entirely new world with The Dream Murderer Cycle trilogy.

Perfect for anyone who loves sci fi fantasy books, The Dream Murderer Cycle will appeal to fans of Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Dune. As with any incredible sci fi, the series asks what it means to be human and how far you will let your purpose dominate your life. When we are pushed to extremes, what parts of us do we lose along the way and where do we draw a line for even the noblest of causes?

Paul Taffinder has created a post-apocalyptic world that weaves mythology, fantasy and psychology into the heart of the story. With a collection of maps and intricate world-building, Kiangsu Realm leaps off the page and envelops you in its secrets and conspiracies.

The Earth is recovering from a fatal comet strike. 1890 years after the disaster, a new Dark Age is taking hold. Eslin is a woman of ambition and courage. She becomes Skava, a spymaster, but as she delves deeper into her mission, her hidden identity threatens to destroy everything she is working for.

Eslin is more than a spymaster, she is one of the last surviving Immortals. It is her quest to restore what the world has lost before it is too late to turn back. Here is a female protagonist with agency and purpose. In her own words, ‘The point of balance, between the fears that grip you and the risks you dare to venture, is purpose’.

The Dream Murderer Cycle trilogy is packed full of action, adventure and intrigue. Prepare to enter the ancient wreckage of our world in uproar, and be ready to pick a side.

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